Products and Services
Aoshikang is a national high-tech enterprise with a core business in producing high-end circuit boards. Aoshikang mainly manufactures high-end automotive electronics, ICT communications (including antennas, servers, power amplifiers, networking), energy, medical, industrial control, HDI, and Mini LED printed circuit boards. These products are extensively used in various fields, such as 5G base stations, data computation and storage, automotive electronics, telecommunications and networking, industrial control and security, and consumer market and smart terminals. In recent years, Aoshikang has continuously increased its investment in research and development and market development for high value-added products. These include communication networks, servers (cloud computing), automotive electronics, HDI, AR/VR metaverse-related products, 6G, autonomous driving and IoT, new energy infrastructure, and digital energy, constantly enhancing its technological capabilities and product quality.
Product Application
Customer Service
  • Data Storage and Servers
  • Automotive
  • Tele-coms
  • Digital Energy and others
  • High-end Consumer Electronics
Delivery Commitment
In terms of product delivery, Aoshikang boasts a highly flexible manufacturing service system capable of rapidly meeting customer demands for quick-turn boards, prototypes, and large-scale production with various flexibility and speed requirements. Leveraging logistics support facilities from over 27 global local service offices, Aoshikang can promptly and efficiently provide customers with flexible, high-quality product delivery services. The on-time delivery rate exceeds 96%.

Aoshikang actively establishes strategic partnerships with customers, strengthening customer relationships through differentiated strategies based on various customer needs. The company has set up systems for customer information collection and feedback, continuously improving services to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty in the market.

The Customer Service Department closely monitors product quality during the customer service process and implements a 24-hour rapid feedback system for customers.

By utilizing the SAP system, we have established an integrated "online + offline" service system, which optimizes production processes, reduces inventory turnover days, enhances product quality, and improves the level of market services.

  • High quality
  • Detailed service
  • Optimal cost
  • On time delivery
Quality Assurance
In terms of quality management, Aoshikang follows the policy of 'first-class quality, accurate delivery time, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction”. With full participation, unified thinking, the introduction of excellent performance?appraisal, and continuous improvement of quality control, the company implements strict operating procedures and quality standards across all aspects, including material procurement, R&D, production and quality test. Additionally, Aoshikang also implements comprehensive lean production, total quality management incentives, and a holistic business innovation management model for all employees.
  • 97%
  • 0.02%
    Proportion of customer
    complaints≤ 0.02%
  • 96%
    On time delivery
    rate≥ 96%
  • 98%
    satisfaction ≥ 98%