Human Resources
Kunpeng Academy initiates a new training model for all employees. The Academy is tasked with cultivating versatile talents, attracting and retaining personnel, leading technological advancements, and driving the company's transformation and reform, continually contributing to Aoshikang's journey from excellence to outstanding performance.

Through various talent cultivation initiatives, both online and offline at Kunpeng Academy, learning activities aligned with strategic needs are provided for different positions. The goal is to ensure that over 90% of positions have corresponding compulsory courses, integrating individual capabilities into organizational strength. A credit management system is established to guide employees in familiarizing themselves with essential knowledge related to their positions and surrounding areas. Employees are encouraged to utilize the platform to complete learning on corporate management systems, policies, and business. The Academy coordinates the implementation of various examinations, ensuring fairness in the process and justness in the outcomes. By adopting the "learning through examination, and substituting training with exams" model, the Academy promotes the development of a multi-skilled and versatile talent cultivation system and implements the talent development strategy. Through the construction of instructor and course systems, the Academy aims to capture and disseminate the best practices and valuable speeches within the company, while also fostering innovation.

The company also links talent cultivation with other human resources modules, tying employees' learning progress to promotions, salary adjustments, job transfers, and evaluations, motivating employees to learn and effectively apply their skills.
Value of the Academy
  • Talent Retention
    Attract and retain talents by providing systematic, continuous, and high-quality training, offering platforms for learning, growth, practice, and performance.
  • Empowerment
    Cultivate versatile talents through training programs for mid-level and grassroots technical and managerial personnel, expanding capabilities beyond current job responsibilities, enhancing personal qualities, and targeting talent cultivation

    Employee job knowledge exams and skill certifications are used to promote learning through examination, replacing traditional training methods, and comprehensively developing talents based on current positions, organizational goals, future product transformation, and personal development.
  • Transformation
    Forums facilitate high-level intellectual exchanges and collisions of ideas, forming the foundation for transformation and change. Training and communication deepen employees' understanding of changes, reducing resistance and forming a unified value system.
Value of the Academy
  • 2021 - Preparation
    Building the structure, system, and platform; organizing faculty and courses.
  • 2022-2023 - Development
    Improving the talent training system, faculty, and course database; perfecting the examination mechanism to cover the entire employee growth process; initiating benchmark position training projects to create industry-leading courses.
  • 2024-2025 - Expansion
    Building industry recognition; expanding cooperative projects (with colleges, suppliers, and peers) to provide diverse services and achieve external revenue.