Market Distribution
Over the past 20 years, Aoshikang has employed a sales model that prioritizes direct sales with distribution as a secondary approach. This strategy has enabled the company to directly understand market needs through direct sales and to access specific customers and market areas through distribution, facilitating rapid market expansion and reduced operational costs. Aoshikang has subsequently established 27 sales and business teams in key global locations, including Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; Taipei; France; and the United States. The establishment of business units in Japan, South Korea, Taipei, France, and the United States, in particular, has opened up vast prospects and significant market potential for the company's business development and market penetration. Capitalizing on its strengths in technology, management, and efficiency, with support of Guangdong-based robust production capacity and new-generation circuit manufacturing model, Aoshikang plans to integrate various resources such as market, technology, personnel, and capital. This multi-level, comprehensive approach aims to enhance the company's capacity for sustainable development, industry status, and core competitive advantages, thereby providing all-encompassing services to customers worldwide.

At the beginning of 2021, Aoshikang established its third five-year plan and three major business strategies: the IET Strategy (IE + IT, integrating Industrial Engineering with Information Digitization), Talent Strategy, and Product Strategy. This initiative marked the start of comprehensive and deep reforms in the company's sales system, information technology development, and human resource construction. In 2021, Aoshikang ranked second globally in terms of growth rate among the top 40 PCB (Printed Circuit Board) companies worldwide, and first in the China region. Within the capital from the mainland China, Aoshikang was ranked eighth but held the top position among Hunan Province.
United States
  • UK
  • Czech Republic
  • China
  • Philippines

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Data Storage and Servers
  • Telecommunications
  • High-end Consumer Electronics
  • Digital Energy & Others
Automotive Electronics
Being the key supplier in the automotive industry, Aoshikang provides printed circuit boards (PCBs) with advanced technology as well as high-reliability to automotive electronics manufacturers. We cater to the automotive industry's needs for PCBs, ranging from small-scale to mass production, and from standard products to high end. Our PCBs are widely used not only in various applications, including automobile body control, lighting systems, driver assistance, collision avoidance or radar systems, but also infotainment systems. We cover each area comprehensively with strong pursuit for even better solutions.
The technologies used in Aoshikang's PCBs for automotive applications include:
  • New energy: 6oz thick copper products
  • Autonomous driving: high-frequency/high-performance materials/radar applications/advanced driving assistance systems
  • Smart cockpit: high-density interconnect (HDI)/semi-flexible (SEMI-FLEX)/on-board Mini-Led
Emphasizing quality and reliability, our factories maintain leading industry standards with strict monitoring and are IATF 16949 certified.
Data Storage and Servers
As an industry-leading PCB supplier, Aoshikang offers a variety of printed circuit boards catering to the needs of high-end computers, cloud computing, storage, and switching/routing equipment. Our product range encompasses smart computing terminals, high-end servers, and storage systems.
The technologies used in Aoshikang's PCBs for computing and storage include:
  • Back drilling
  • High-frequency, high-speed material applications
  • Low-cost insertion loss control
  • High aspect ratios
  • HDI
  • Lead-free manufacturing capability
  • Hole plating and POFV technology
  • Above 22 layers
  • Seamless transition to mass production 
Our factories are ISO9001 certified, emphasizing quality and reliability with leading industry standards.
Aoshikang provides a one-stop solution, ranging from R&D support to sample production and mass production. Through a well-organized factory layout and production line setup, we offer customers manufacturing services that meet strict standards while maintaining cost efficiency.
Aoshikang is a leading supplier of printed circuit boards for communication and networking, serving major original equipment manufacturers in the telecom and networking industries:
  • We manufacture high-layer PCBs, including large-sized and high aspect ratio electroplating. We understand the importance of signal integrity and impedance control requirements.
  • Our expertise in world-class materials and processes for RF and microwave applications includes mixed pressure plates, embedded copper technology, blind holes, through-hole structures, and HDI manufacturing solutions, which are key capabilities emphasized by our clients.
  • In Thermal Management Solutions (TMS), we support pressed copper block connection and embedded copper (i-core, U-core, T-core) solutions, enabling our clients to better design and manage high-power device applications in their products.
We consistently emphasize the importance of quality and reliability. All our factories are equipped with industry-leading quality and adhere to strict monitoring processes, with all facilities ISO9001 certified.
High-end Consumer Electronics
Printed circuit boards for consumer electronics are primarily used in tablets, wearable devices, gaming consoles, and smart home devices. As consumer electronics products evolve towards lighter, thinner, and smarter applications ,there are increasing demands for advanced display technologies and data processing capabilities. The diversification of uses and the trend towards miniaturization have driven the need for PCBs to accommodate more circuits within a limited area. This has further led to a continuous advancement towards ultra-fine lines, tighter line spacing, and much more precise manufacturing processes. High-density, lightweight, flexible, and environmentally friendly production are gradually becoming the key for future development.
Key technologies used in Aoshikang's printed circuit boards for consumer products include:
  • Domestic semi-flexible soft board leadership
  • Up to 22 layers and above
  • HDI technology
  • Various board material choices
  • Minimum plate thickness of 0.30mm
  • Fine line 50/50um

Our factories are ISO9001 certified, emphasizing quality and reliability with leading industry standards.
Digital Energy & Others
Manufacturers face significant competitive pressure to reduce costs while also shortening the time-to-market of their products, all without compromising on the highest standards of quality and reliability. The Aoshikang team, with its exceptional capabilities and extensive experience, consistently help clients meet these challenges.
Our product examples include:
  • Control units for industrial control.
  • High-power transformers with advanced integration and testing.
  • Smart cockpit electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Smart metering
  • Printed circuit boards utilizing advanced technologies for mass production, including laser micro-vias, stacked vias, via-in-pad, and thick copper applications.
We consistently emphasize the importance of quality and reliability. All our factories are equipped with industry-leading quality and adhere to strict monitoring processes, with all facilities ISO9001 certified.